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15 Jan, 2016

Wise Up® NZ is an independent information community for all property consumers.

It is the only portal that centralises multi-agency resources provided by the New Zealand Government, Boards, Trusts, Societies and other important bodies related to property, all in one place and presented in vitally important context.

We have amassed 12 years of service, insights, research, initiatives and relationships with property-related organisations, buyers, sellers, investors, renovators and developers nationwide.

For 10 years we have initiated relationships with leading industry organisations to address the current fragmentation of important information which currently makes it almost impossible to be properly informed about crucial decisions when buying and selling property.

Our purpose has always been to promote collaboration and partnerships to ensure collective resources for property decision-makers are more easily found in one place - right here on Wise Up® NZ.

Whether you're looking for real estate commission and fees, legal or tax advice, valuations, building inspectors, need a checklist for buying a house, or more information about DIY rules and regulations - whatever you need you'll find it here.

Wise Up NZ exists to help Kiwis be fully informed about all property-related decisions, decisions which can be life-changing for the worse when made without vital information and context.

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Unprecedented property hub

Wise Up® NZ exists to empower you to achieve excellence in your real estate, home ownership or investment experiences.

We aim to give you access to the most up to date and reliable information available to save you time and money - sometimes a lot of both.

From July 2019 we have opened up the Wise Up NZ platform to Licensed, Registered, Qualified or Approved property specialists (other than real estate agents) by creating a Property Community where people can have greater confidence in finding the reliable services and advice they need for the very important property decisions they make during the buying and selling process.

Property related services can apply to join or request more information here.

Our Values Protect NZ Property Consumers

  • Vendor protection and advocacy comes first

  • Independent of all real estate buying and selling brands

  • All our resources and services are free to vendors

  • An attitude of client empowerment and optimism

  • Informed decision-making without pressure

  • Excellence in service is our habit

  • An entrepreneurial approach to problem solving

  • Aim to exceed industry expectations

  • A consultative culture with industry authorities

Trish Willis - director and founder

Trish has been working with home owners for over a decade, helping them get the most equity possible out of their property sales.

She started Evolve Enterprises Ltd in 2003 as a business mentor and project consultant with a strong belief in the value of collaborative initiatives.

After a shift South, Trish soon had real estate agents asking her to stage homes for sale as the Home Style Doctor, a business she started in 2007. Most often, those houses halved the average number of days on the market, so the entrepreneur in Trish got thinking.

Out of that grew Agent Finder NZ in 2009 which has evolved into a reputable service that empowers consumers to choose real estate agents more diligently and access appropriate advice, from the right sources, when they most need it.

Being an independent vendor's advocate for hundreds of people over the years has provided her with a unique perspective and wealth of information, which is made sense of and centralised here on Wise Up NZ, solely for the property consumer's benefit.

Trish is a strategic problem solver. She has a leadership and management background packed with variety including central, local government and not-for-profit sectors. Previously a Council Community Board member, she is a current volunteer with migrants and involved in community and economic development initiatives.

Tracy Miles - website editor

Tracy is a journalist who has, from 1981, worked in the New Zealand mainstream print media, on a number of daily and community newspapers.

Not content with only print, in the mid-1990s she set out to explore the new internet frontier and helped set up Garnet Publishing in 1998. Now, 18 internet years later, she has a working knowledge of both print and digital.

She has lived anywhere and everywhere from a Victorian apartment above an Indonesian restaurant in inner Sydney to a stylish '70s house on Norfolk Island with the best views in the Pacific, to small town New Zealand Victorian villa with native bush garden.

Among her favourite pastimes are browsing real estate websites, poring over beautiful house and garden magazines and making progress on her own current renovation project.

Article Updated August 29, 2019