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Raise Your Online Presence Strategies

How to get a dominant online presence in the home and property industry

Getting online visibility can be a gargantuan hurdle. Raising your online presence enables potential customers to find you among the multi-million other websites online.

Here are 5 simple strategies to enact today so the active spenders searching for property professionals, advice, and home and garden related products and services online can find you:

1. Join a relevant online NZ Property Directory

  • Hundreds of thousands of people search online directories every day to find services or products but the competition is fierce.
  • The right online directories are an inexpensive, often free and powerful form of advertising.
  • For example, by listing on the Wise Up® NZ Home & Property Directory, you not only increase your online visibility but also drive quality customers to your website.
  • The Wise Up® NZ Directory is on a large, popular property hub whose customers are home lovers, renovators, developers, 'DIY'ers, buyers, sellers, investors and big spenders on decorating homes and beautifying gardens and they need services like yours.
  • Since 2016, Wise Up® NZ website visitors have often been and continue to be at a pivotal point in their property journey between selling their house and buying a new one. They need many products and professional property services from legal advice and home repairs to home decor and garden supplies all within a short period of time.
  • Property consumers are using Wise Up® NZ as their go-to source which creates an opportunity for businesses like yours to increase its online presence and get found.

Just think, when people are looking for expert property advice they are often also needing tradespeople, lawyers, mortgage brokers, valuers, architects, designers, furnishings and home wares all at the same time. Wise Up® NZ is meeting that need.

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The image below shows Wise Up® NZ's high profile on the Google images page in a search for 'DIY advice'.

How To Raise Your Online Presence

When people search 'DIY' topics online, Google ranks Wise Up® NZ on Page 1, making it a perfect platform for home and garden related businesses and specialists to be listed on its directory.

2. Rank higher online with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Search engine optimization of your website is essential. It enables Google and other search engines to ‘find and rank’ your business above your competitors.
  • Wise Up® NZ and its Home & Property Directory are professionally SEOed daily.
  • Our experts also SEO every business directory listing from the get-go which also helps those businesses to rank higher online, in their own right.
  • When Wise Up® NZ is on Page 1 of a Google search result, you will be too (if you have a listing).

The image below is a good example of Wise Up® NZ's top Google (non-paid) ranking. Google has selected a Wise Up® NZ article for a "snippet" on the top of Page 1. Wise Up® NZ also comes up 2nd. People searching for advice about deck repairs or maintenance - who will also need a myriad of deck related products and services - will go to Wise Up® NZ for tips and on to the Wise Up® NZ Directory to engage services or buy things they need (or want). Here is where you will get found.

How To Raise My Online Presence

When it comes to internet visibility, we put our money where our mouth is to get on Page 1 of Google. Get on board now.

4. Join The Wise Up NZ Online Property Community

  • Be part of an online property and home-lovers community where potential customers are browsing and searching for hours every day.
  • As a hub for people seeking property advice, Wise Up® NZ - due to its reputation across the property industry - is a magnet for people shopping for related products and services.

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Increase My Online Presence Nz

5. Be active on social media

  • Social media can be a highly effective way of raising your online profile although it can be hard to keep up with technological advances and know how to do properly, and is also time consuming.
  • Wise Up® NZ has an active social media presence with established channels and expertise so you don’t have to worry about it. See our Facebook page here and like and follow us to keep in touch.
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Our paid and targeted social media promotions bring all who list on our directory to the forefront too.

Content is King - Top quality content for home sellers and buyers is what we do and what draws people to this website. By joining us you can be a part of that.

How To Raise Online Presence

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Article updated: March 2020

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