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Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill Parliament

The Healthy Homes Guarantee deadline has now passed and already several landlords have been fined for failing to insulate to the Government standards.

In addition, there have been reports of property managers dropping non-compliant landlords to avoid being embroiled in Tenancy Tribunal action.

As a result of the Healthy Homes Guarantee, landlords now have an obligation to make their rental properties warmer, drier and healthier homes for tenants.

Already there have been dozens of complaints filed by tenants and a number of landlords have had to pay damages.

There are a number of other deadlines to be met through to 2024. Read on to find out about them and to check if you qualify for an insulation grant for your rental property or if your property may be exempted.

If insulating your rental(s) is not an an option and you want to sell up you will be joining many others.


Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill


From July 1 2019, insulation became compulsory in all rental homes in New Zealand. Failure to comply can result in hefty penalties.

If you haven't started making your rental property a healthy home for your tenants already, it's better late than never.

Tenancy Services provides landlords with everything you need to know about types of insulation, topping up or upgrading insulation, whether it's needed and costs. But check below to see if you qualify for an exemption first.

Also read Discounts and Advice to Make Your Home Warmer.

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Insulation Grants for Landlords

Some landlords may be entitled to an Insulation Grant if your property was built before 2000 or your tenants have a Community Services Card. Find out more about insulation grants directly from the NZ Government website page.

Insulation Installers or DIY

On the Energy Efficient Conservation Authority (EECA) website, you can search for EECA approved insulation installers, funding and other payment options which includes heating.

If you're going DIY, there are standards with which you must comply and the same page provides these standards for you.

Exceptions to the insulation regulations

Due to the design or construction of some rental properties, insulation may not be physically possible or require a major renovation to do so. Find out here if you qualify for an insulation exemption.

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This has been produced by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to keep you on track. Copyright

If you need a guide to help assess your property(s), take a look at this rental housing WOF checklist. Print it out and put your rental properties through the process to get a clearer idea of where you stand.

Opting To Sell Your Rental Property?

If the cost of insulating is not affordable and you're thinking of selling your rental property instead, you will want to know how much you could expect to sell it for first by requesting a real estate appraisal.

A real estate market appraisal will help you make that decision, so make sure you get an accurate market valuation by using a vetted real estate agent, whose estimate you can rely on to get the best sale price.

But first, find out about real estate commission and fees here.

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