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As you approach the job of selling your house, it pays to use an independent real estate advisor to put you in the right direction about real estate agents, how to sell a house fast, comparing real estate appraisals and commission and fees.

It also helps to understand the issues encountered by many home sellers which has left them less than satisfied by their real estate experiences. We have been tracking these issues since 2009 and have found a pattern of common irritants.

The inside running

The combination of steps that will deliver you the best chance possible of selling your house for the best price in the shortest amount of time. How to sell a house quickly - the formula.

These issues show how a lack of attention to detail and small decisions that seem of low importance at the time, can create big problems for sellers. Keep your eye on the ball at all times.

Problems can include sitting on the market for long periods unsold, low levels of buyer interest and waning contact from your real estate agent as a result, although continual price reductions seem to generate the most response. This however, isn't always down to the real estate agent as vendors will often have a fixed price in mind and not budge on it.

Real Estate Advisor reports common gripes

  • Inaccurate price marketing
  • Poor headings used to describe a property in the advertising material
  • Poor quality photographs for marketing go live prior to the vendor's consent to use them
  • Poor and/or irregular communication and feedback from the real estate agent after the listing agreement is signed
  • Undue pressure to take their properties to auction
  • Grammatical errors in the advertising text
  • Lack of feedback and communication about viewings and inquiries
  • Real Estate Agents letting keen buyers slip away too easily
  • Point out all the negatives of a home to lower the sale price

There are some excellent real estate agents that go above and beyond to ensure their clients are served to the standards they have promised.

Agent Finder is a good place to find real estate agents proven competent and it's a 100% free and independent service.

Usually, these gripes are picked up within the first week or two of signing with an agency or going live online.

For some unique tips about selling a house, lifestyle block or an apartment, take a look at some graphs that demonstrate the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of marketing. You can see these in amongst other tips for selling property. (You will need to scroll a little to see them but well worth checking them out).

As a home seller, you need to be able to rely on your real estate agent for the optimum level of service, consistently, from the beginning to the end of the process. Take a look at more advice about real estate agents if thinking about selling your house or you may want to find out more about commission and fees too.

Got A Question? Ask Real Estate Advisor - it's a free service for Kiwis.

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