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When selling a property, the biggest decision to make is who to list it with, and real estate agent reviews can help narrow the search down.

But when it comes to the best real estate agents, is it the one who sells the most properties? Or comes from the biggest real estate company? A local company? A 'flyer in your letterbox' real estate company, the agent who sold you the house or the cheapest real estate company? Should you sell with multiple companies or just one?

Just where do you go for independent real estate reviews, advice and guidance about selling a house and choosing a real estate agent to sell what is likely to be your biggest financial asset? An impetuous decision can be very costly indeed.

Agencies are not independent, so where to go for non-biased help?

It seems, when faced with such an important decision about something you have limited experience of, (and which can be life changing in either a positive or negative way), the most obvious place to get information is from real estate companies directly. But the information you will receive, won't be independent, it will be about them and their services. Once you're in the fold, it's hard to back out.

The reality is that it is almost impossible to be completely informed about selling a house. There are many other organisations and services besides real estate companies, that host valuable information relevant to home sellers but it's not obvious or often not known about.

This 5-step flowchart is an excellent example of Government and leading non-government bodies pulling together to provide both buyers and sellers the most important, relevant information that protects you.

Free And Independent Real Estate Agent Reviews

The safest way to find independent real estate agent reviews and information about selling a house can be found with New Zealand's only real estate agent vetting service and information hub. The award winning Agent Finder NZ has certainly raised the bar for property consumers.

The team at Agent Finder independently review all NZ companies and agents for home sellers, using a vigilant criteria and create a short list. It's been around for almost a decade so plenty of grateful real estate reviews demonstrate a valuable and much needed service that advocates for home sellers.

It is important to note, that real estate agents cannot log in and self promote on their website so it is a genuine and authentic real estate advisory service.

Independent Online Real Estate Advice

When starting to prepare when selling a house, often people just want to find information first, before speaking to any real estate agents.

The following downloads explain easily, everything you'll need to know that properly informs and protects you.

Free Download | The Process Of Selling A House (made easy)

Free Download | How To Sell A House For The Optimum Sale Price, Quickly

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