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Everyone interested in buying or selling New Zealand real estate needs to know about the best real estate websites.

The following are the five main players on the internet.

Agent Finder NZ - NZ's #1 Real Estate Agent Vetting Service

This is the main player when it comes to consumers finding the best real estate agents and information to sell their houses.

If you need help getting started, contact the 2018 Award Winning Agent Finder NZ to speak with a real estate advisor or take a look at the process of selling a house. It's a great place to start and it's a genuinely free service.

A home seller's independent advocate for almost a decade, they provide a whole package which includes vetting agents, appraisals, commission and fees advice and even provide a questionnaire to help sellers choose the right real estate agent for their property type and location.

Request a shortlist of real estate agents and tell us about your property in the message box.

With average days on market for sellers sitting around only 23 days, it's proven its worth as one of the best real estate websites and is well worth the visit.

With over 15,000+ licensed real estate agents in New Zealand and 900+ companies, knowing where and how to start can be daunting.

One of the reasons their clients' properties sell so well, is because the sellers have done due diligence, and gone to market well prepared.

According to Agent Finder NZ, the first things sellers tend to like to find out is how much their property is worth for and who to list with. Find out more about what to look for in a real estate appraisal - accuracy is everything! geared solely to property sales

This is the site where all properties listed with licensed New Zealand real estate agents are advertised for sale making it one of the best real estate websites. has the most listings of any real estate website in New Zealand sitting at around 32,717 residential properties for sale.

Private sales are not listed on as only licensed real estate agents can use it.

Being one of two major players in real estate advertising, this is perhaps a contributing factor as to why private sales are not the most successful way to sell a property. You can't sell a secret. Find out the pros and cons of selling a house privately. is 50 per cent owned by a group of real estate companies so the whole site is geared solely for real estate purposes.

Advertising property on this website is usually paid for by the real estate company or agent listing your property, but not always.

We are advised by that over 400,000 email alerts about new listings to market, are automatically sent to buyers each month from this site. These email alerts are the reason why your first day live online is your most important when selling your home advertises residential, commercial, rural and business listings - just enter your preference, location, price range and you'll get to see it all.

Website that hosts private sales

Trade Me sells residential real estate listings on its website but it is not a site dedicated to real estate as most know.

It hosts properties listed for sale privately, which is usually around 10-12 per cent of the total. If you're thinking of selling a house privately, you might like to read up on the pros and cons of selling your own home first.

Hou Garden Real Estate

Hou Garden is New Zealand's best real estate website for Chinese buyers, and is translatable into English.

It is a popular website to advertise on for vendors from areas like Singapore which is exempted from the OIO policy for purchasing property in NZ. This site is popular with Chinese New Zealanders and Singaporeans, and also for luxury homes given that the average purchase price for Chinese speaking buyers is $1.4M. (Source:

Open2View hosts real estate photographs

Open2View is a New Zealand wide real estate photography franchise and many real estate companies use this service. Sitting at around 1000 in total, the number of listings pale to insignificance by comparison with other players.

When Open2View photographs houses for agents, they are posted on the Open2View website. Not all agents use Open2View but many do, especially in the larger cities.

There are many other real estate photographers around the country but they don't have a dedicated website like Open2View.

If you use a different photography service, we doubt it will make any difference to property searches by buyers, however Open2View is considered one of the best real estate photographers being trained in real estate photography, aerial photography, video production and voice over, so not to be snubbed.

Hou Garden is New Zealand's real estate website for Chinese buyers.

Other Websites

Each real estate company or franchise has its own company branded website on which your property will also be advertised.

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