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Decorating Rooms

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Get inspired with colour but go easy if you're selling

If you are painting to sell your house, make sure you choose a paint colour that will appeal to the broadest range of buyers possible. That means choosing a colour to sell and not to stay!

Before you decide which areas of your house to decorate first, it's best to know which areas add the greatest value to a sale price.

  • The safest (and often cheapest way) to spice up your rooms is to add splashes of colour with a few decor accessories and to that end, Wise Up NZ has created a directory of the best stores to find decor items to suit all budgets.
  • Habitat by Resene has a range of videos on painting rooms, furniture or anything else for that matter.

Habitat is a good place to get some inspiration for creating.

Create a pin board

As you find images on line that you really like, create a pin board on Pinterest.

It's free, it's easy and no matter what website you are on, if the image has a PIN label on it you can save it to one of your pin boards.

When you want to see all your favourite pictures, you have them gathered in one place, on Pinterest.

Decorating A Room

Paint is your best friend if your house is in need of some improvements. If you want to hire a professional, use a qualified painter who will do a quality job for you. You can check them or any other trades person with licensing bodies here.

When buying your paint, take your iPad so you can access your Pinterest pin boards and show the consultant the look, feel and colour you are trying to achieve.

It will make the whole process faster and stress free for you.

Painting problem solver

Before you start repairing or repainting anything, we recommend you read Resene's problem solver page.

Dulux also has a great menu of problems and solutions for either indoors or outdoors.

These resources combined, pretty much cover every type of problem you could face when approaching home improvement painting.

They also have some great safety tips as well.

Get the right decorating advice

Master Painters NZ provides a great fact sheet that covers anything from painting over vinyl wallpaper to working with lead based painted surfaces.

This website is the most reliable in our view, for acquiring the right advice. Master Painters NZ is also the place to go to find quality painters (see below).

Make a list

Make a list before you go shopping for your paint products.

Check to see if you have everything you need here.

But if you decide to use a painter instead of doing it yourself, it's vital that you get one that's qualified.

Painting Black Paint Roller Large

Important advice about hiring a painter.

Find quality painters

The Master Painters NZ website is where licensed painters are registered so you should check your painter is on this list here.

Master Painters NZ requires painters to work to a best practice standard and within their organisation's code of conduct.

This is the safest way to find a good painter and if your painter is not on this list, you should consider changing.

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