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Using a real estate broker to help you find and compare the best real estate agents is the least stressful and safest way to choose an agent to sell your house.

Having already gone through the process of buying it in the first place, you will know this is a major, time consuming process - and given the value of the asset, not something you want to trust to chance.

One of the first questions on your mind will be finding a real estate broker to do a free property appraisal and help you find the best real estate agents in your area. For most, this is the most dreaded process of all, with over 900 companies and 15,000+ licensed real estate agents. But there is help available and lots of free tips and advice about selling a house you can access first.

Watch the 20-second video above to see how NZ's free Real Estate Agent Finder actually works.

Real estate agent broker a relief for sellers

Home sellers are increasingly turning to New Zealand's award winning and bespoke real estate agent broker, because of their unwavering focus on competence, over quantity in the hunt for the best real estate agents.

Using a stringent vetting criteria, Agent Finder NZ is unparalleled and primarily used by the time-deprived or inexperienced (or both), who want to do due diligence, but don't have the time or know-how.

With over a decade of vetting real estate agents under their belt, they are well-renowned for making their clients the most properly informed home sellers in New Zealand giving them greater advantage over others sellers. They ultimately sell faster, for optimum sale prices. Plenty of proof in the pudding with their real estate agent reviews.

So it is a welcome relief, to have such a service available to New Zealand home and lifestyle property sellers and investors.

Visit the Agent Finder website where, besides a wealth of quality consumer information, you will also find a FREE Sell Smarter Kit for Inexperienced Home Sellers, or the Kit for Seniors Downsizing is also a goodie - protecting the most vulnerable vendors of all.

Finding the best agent to sell your house

FREE Sell Smarter Kit available from Agent Finder NZ.

You may have had some ideas about the kind of real estate agent you want when selling, but appearances can be deceiving.

For instance, the agent with the most visibility due to the number of listings or sales made, is not necessarily the same thing as the agent who will get you the best possible price.

Agent Finder NZ was created to help you find the most competent real estate agent, for your type of property, in your location. It's not a place that agents can log into, self promote or arrive uninvited on your doorstep - a fully independent and free service.

Don't trust your property to just anyone.


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